Stage 1: Your enquiry
Universal Care Agency works with private clients as well as Social Services and Clinical Commissioning Groups. This means you can contact us directly and do not need to be referred by your GP, hospital or healthcare agency. We use this time to answer any questions and book a home assessment.
Stage 2: Home visit
At a time convenient to you, one of our trained assessors will visit your home to guide you through the options available. You do not have to prepare anything, but we will need to know who else is involved so we can work closely with you, your family and other healthcare professionals.
Stage 3: Free assessment
This is the second stage of the home visit. The assessor will ask questions about your health, mobility and other relevant aspects of daily life which might affect the care you require. The assessor will also use this time to identify the risks inside your home – such as access to the property and wear and tear.
Stage 4: Selection of suitable care worker
Your home is your castle so it is important to trust the person delivering your care. We offer complete flexibility and make all efforts to provide clients with the same carer on a regular basis – however to avoid missed appointment introduce you to a full team early on so you can build a rapport.
Stage 5: Implementation of care package
Once you sign off your care plan, we can start implementing your package. A care plan is defined as an agreement between you and your agency that helps manage your day to day health. It is a written document that holds all directives to care staff and relevant information relating to your care.
Stage 6: Regular review and visit from Case Manager
Your care requirements are likely to change over time so, to ensure your needs are always being met, we arrange for regular reviews of your care package to take place which are supported by visits from your Case Manager. We also offer a 24-hour support line that is there when you need it.